Friday, 22 November 2013

production of

Here are some images of the volunteers that offered to help us with our music video. We had to paint their faces grey so that don't have an individual identity, and so that they all look the same. We chose to use a grey facepaint because we thought it was the colour that looks the most boring and lifeless. This worked well with what we were trying to portray. They have no identity/individuality. We decided to meet at school at 8:30 with our volunteers and then made our way to Demi's house. We painted their face on location because we felt it was too cold to walk around with wet paint on their face. After all the face painting has finished we were finally ready for filming. The 2 hours we had to film the shots was a good time frame becuse we got everything we wanted. We had to re film a few shots because it was hard for the group to keep a straight face, but after the hiccup everything ran smoothly and we got the shots done and i felt worked well. 

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