Thursday, 26 September 2013

Post 3: Song Details

We chose to use Canterbury-Lost in the basement because it fit in with the genre we want to do. They are a British Indie Rock band which was perfect for our group. The song is also upbeat which helped us with editing as it's much easier and faster to cut between clips. The lyrics work well with what we wanted to portray in our music video so it all fit nicely together.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2: Roles

roles 2 on Make A Gif
We assigned each one of us a certain role to help with making the process quicker and easier to get done. I have the role of making sure the scene looks good and what we planned out, including props background and the costumes the characters are wearing. I am also in charge of the sound, so that means making sure the video matches the audio. Harry has the most experience in creating media which is why he the editor of the music video, this role ensures that the video cuts to the beat of the song and works well with the lyrics. Hannah has taken the role of camera and lighting. This role ensures the scene is well lit, or in the way we want it and also make sure we have a camera to work with and in charge of all the camera shots and angles. Finally Demi has taken the role as director. We chose this because she she shows leadership skills in the group, she will make sure everything's in order and worked well within the scene.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


From looking at this graph of the gender of the audience, we can see that more females took part in the questionnaire than males. It was pretty close but we can see that there was 41 females and 39 males that took part.

We gave the questionnaire to 80 people between us and there was a higher percentage of people that preferred a narrative to the music video rather than a live performance. This helps us to understand what the audience like and gives us ideas of what sort of music video were are going to create. As well as knowing which type of video will attract more alternative/indie rock fans.
The main age group that was chosen was 16-24 this shows us that the younger generation listens to more Indie rock music than the older generation does this gives us ideas to aim our music video at the younger aged people because they listen to it more than others. 

From looking at this graph of what people expect the style of indie rock videos to be like, there was a large percentage of it being individual and it being dark and mysterious. This helps us to understand the audience and what they like to see, these results help us to ensure that we make our music video different and distinctive.

This graph shows me that many people expect to see the band and the instruments used in a indie rock music video. this allows us to grasp the concept of indie rock videos and how they are sterotypically seen. I think we should use many close ups and mid shots of the artists and the instruments as they play an important role in the music video.

A large percentage of people think a guitar is the main instrument when watching an indie rock music video. This chart shows us that we should use guitars and electric guitars to make it most appealing to the target audiences.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Record Labels

Cd cover research

This album is by the Kaiser Chiefs (Employment). They used a leather look to make their album stand out from others and catch the eyes of the target audience. In the centre of the album is the Band name and title which is inside a bright yellow box which i feel makes it stand out that bit more. To me i feel they themed their album cover as a book, i think this looks effective and is not very typical of an indie rock band. The back is coloured but isnt very appealing, they have used quite neutral colours. They have the usual list of songs on the back but the fact that they put their website on the bottom of their album which i feel is something completely different and original for a rock band let alone any other album.

Conventions of an indie rock music video

Some of the conventions of Rock Music Videos are:
  • Shows the artist or band throughout the whole video
  • Usually starts quite calm, but changes when beat kicks in
  • Close up of artists and characters shown in video
  • May be black and white
  • Shows band performing throughout 
  • Some special effects
  • Performance – often seen in indie music videos as it shows they play their own stuff, they are talented and it makes it appear more of a live performance.
  • Some times has a narrative

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Indie Rock Moodboard

I feel that Rock is mainly represented with dark clothing, that wear lots of eye make up and smash things here and there. Most Rock videos i have seen use electric guitars and drums this is quite typical of Rock music videos. Many rock music videos show some sort of going against what they have been told to do and becoming boisterous. Whereas the genre we are looking at is Indie Rock which shows a different side to Rock and is more sensitive.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Low Budget Video: The Fix - Just Got Paid

This song is a very typical pop song and you can see that because they have used conventional ideas throughout the video. I don't feel the artists have really thought about the pop conventions thoroughly because the music video does not have a storyline to it whereas most music videos do. At the start of the video all the members of the band are introduced individually and then are all together in the last shot. Additionally in the first few shots an over the shoulder shot was used to show the singer in the mirror. 

Most of the shots were loosely framed which i felt didn't make the video as pleasing as i thought it would be. I feel that much tighter frames focus more on the artists. Also they used high key lighting which gave the music video a more efficient feel to it, additionally it showed more detail as to what was going on in the frames. For example when the band broke out into a dance routine it showed all the moves they were doing and worked well. The fact that the artists performed some choreography was typical of a boy band to do. The lip syncing performed was well done and looked very professional. There was many shots of them just having fun as a group this made the audience feel like they enjoyed it because they are. All their costumes are similar but different in their own way, they used fashionable clothing to appeal to their target audience. All of the band members are putting in a lot of effort to their performance to try and make it seem as professional as possible. The locations used in the video seem to be quite upper class and posh which proposes that they own a large amount of money which in fact they don't because they are a low budget boy band. 

Low Budget Video: Imogen Heap- A-Ha

Conventions Of A Music Video

  • Artist appearing in the video 
  • The video will be based around a concept rather than a story
  • The artist will perform throughout the video, either dancing, playing instruments or gesturing
  • The video will contain a range of camera movements to create a dynamic look (energy) most often tracks, cranes and whip pans 
  • The video will usually have 3 or more different locations, which may change with each verse/chorus
  • The costumes will match the locations and will often change when they change
  • Artist will usually lip synch along with the lyrics
  • There will usually be sections of the video that are filmed in a studio, most often the performance parts
  • The video will usually contain some kind of narrative, often intercut with performance shots
  • The video may often use high angles to create a vulnerable or sexy look, or low angles to create a dominant or powerful look
  • The song will be the soundtrack to the whole video, it will start and end when the music starts and ends
  • There will be a wide range of different shot types/angles in each location to allow for dynamic and non-repetitive editing
  • The editing will cut to the beat, and will be montage editing
  • Quite often a slow motion effect is used to create a sexy or slick feel
  • The video will use mostly close ups for the lip synch , mid/long shots for performance and extreme close ups for cutaways

Task 2 : Pop Video Analysis

Mise en scene: This pop music video is very typical as most other music videos change the mise en scene quite a bit. The 'Icona Pop's' music video changes locations and costume several times, for example the two artists are in a street and dressed in dark clothing with brightly coloured ribbons hanging off it. Another example is when the two singers are in a club and are dressed smartly this contrasts what they were wearing in other locations.

Editing: Many pop music videos use montage editing, which i think works well because it gives the audience and insight as to what they are doing and where about they are. The montage editing cuts between performances (dancing in the street) lip syncing  (close ups on their mouths) and the area they are in.  These are randomly placed to keep to the point. 

Camerawork: The camerawork used through the music video is like most pop music videos today, which it shows various establishing shots to show the artists, the relationships, and where the scenes take place. They use a variety of mid shots and close ups, this helps to indicate where the artists are in the scene and them lip syncing to the song. Also these types of camera shot are used to give the audience a glance at what type of location the artists are in. They used fast paced editing to portray to the audience their 'crazy' life style. This also works well with the song because its a fast paced too, and it seems to run smoothly.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Task 2 : Pop Video Analysis


 A promotion package for the release of an album, need to include a music promo video, together with the following;

  • A cover for its release as part of digipak\(cardboard CD cover)
  • A magazine advertisement for digipak
 My  group for the music video task will invole Demi Proud, Harry Sullivan and Hannah Leighton