Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Post 1: Inital Ideas

This is our groups initial ideas of how we thought we would show how we would portray the music video. We wrote the name of the song and the genre at the top of the page so that it was included in the ideas to remind us of what we are doing. We created the idea of someone loosing their identity because they have a different view of the world, and because of this they start to loose their individuality and they're views and perspectives become the same as everyone else's and they become as ordinary as the rest of the world.

Post 8 - props, costumes, make-up and equipment

These images show what we are using in the piece, what we are wearing and where we are shooting. The people we have chosen to be our band members can actually play the instruments that we want to use in our piece which helps us get along with our music video quicker. also in this post you can see some of the outfits we are going to use. This gives us an idea of how to dress. Most of the cast will be wearing all black to show they have no identity and the fact that we have a coloured costume make us stand out from the others and background.  

Post 10: Shooting Schedule

This is our shooting schedule. This helps us keep track of when and where we are filming for our piece. It also tells us about what props, equipment and who of the crew need to be there for the filming. This keeps us organised and everything in order.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Test Shots

This are a few of the test shots we done with the grey face paint and the UV paints. We bought the paints to try out and to see if they worked and if the colours we used worked well and it was good that we tried them out because we thought the face paint was too blue and we felt that it didn't really work so we decided to add more white and black to the paint to give it a more grey look. This will be used for the people lacking their own identity.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Post 7: Storyboards (Anamatic Draft 2)

We put together this anamatic to give us a feel of what shots go where and how the piece will all tie together. This allowed us to create an image of how it would look and also can be used as a guide to follow when shooting. We had the trouble of cutting the clips to the beat which we found hard to do, but this gave us a feel of how hard it was and how we can work with it to make it easier for us to do.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Post 9: Location Shots

For one of our locations we chose to use was a boys bedroom to show the environment that the boy is in a shows the audience what type of music he enjoys. We are going show this by putting up posters of certain bands and celebrities that he looks up to. Although its going to be Harry's bedroom its also a place where you would hang out with your friends. The fact that they are cooped up in a bedroom rather than outside doing something practical, could suggest that they are trying to keep their identity and keeping away from the 'infection'.

We are also going to use the Sutton Life Center Library as a place that Harry runs through to get away from the 'infected' people. This will be used to switch scenes to a different location to create an illusion that he runs through one door and switches to a different place but still running towards another door, as if his running is non-stop. We felt as a group that it would look more creative and unique if we edited our music video in that way.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Post 5: Image Annotation

We found this image of an Indie rock band and we felt this would be a good idea for what our band would look like. Many Indie bands have this sort of look, its quite different and hipster. They look pretty casual as if they would wear that out when 'hanging out with mates.' There is a huge difference between a rock band and an indie rock band, they are more subtle and laid back. Which is what us as a group was looking for, we didn't want anything too full on. This type of clothing helps the audience to understand what type of genre we are trying to portray in our music video. In our band we have only three members: Alex Kemp - Singer  Joe Wingfield - Guitarist and Mike Perret - Drums. Although we don't have as many people in the band as there is in the picture i feel it helps to pay closer attention to the band individually. 

Post 4: Lyrics Annotation

This is our annotations of the lyrics for our music video. We highlighted and analysed they lyrics and tried to visualize what we would do in the music video we are creating. Certain lyrics stood out to us and we tried to think of certain parts of the video we would dedicate to those specific words etc. This is the ideas we came up with.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Post 6: Concept of video

We put together a GIF to show all the visual aspects that we wanted to use. For example: UV paints, Dark atmosphere, White masks, and the sharp lighting behind the band. This creates silhouettes of the band members which makes them stand out make the scene seem more mysterious and eerie.