Friday, 17 January 2014

Construction Posts

We decided to shoot at rose hill skate park, to film harry just being himself to show in the music video shots that will establish Harrys character. We done this to show the audience his individuality before it gets taken away. Because Harry is the main character we needed to find out as much as possible about him for example what he enjoys doing and just him in everyday life. we also took shots of him sorting himself out in the mirror and stroking his cat, these were natural everyday movements and made it seem more natural. Somewhere in those scenes Demi was hiding somewhere in the shot to show how his identity was being taken away soon. The skateboarding shots gave the audience an idea of what type of person he is. I brought a smaller skateboard with me so that we could use moving shots in our piece, we done this as an experiment and I felt it worked very well. This was very hard to keep the camera stable but we persisted through it and tried many times to keep it as steady as possible.

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