Friday, 11 October 2013

Post 9: Location Shots

For one of our locations we chose to use was a boys bedroom to show the environment that the boy is in a shows the audience what type of music he enjoys. We are going show this by putting up posters of certain bands and celebrities that he looks up to. Although its going to be Harry's bedroom its also a place where you would hang out with your friends. The fact that they are cooped up in a bedroom rather than outside doing something practical, could suggest that they are trying to keep their identity and keeping away from the 'infection'.

We are also going to use the Sutton Life Center Library as a place that Harry runs through to get away from the 'infected' people. This will be used to switch scenes to a different location to create an illusion that he runs through one door and switches to a different place but still running towards another door, as if his running is non-stop. We felt as a group that it would look more creative and unique if we edited our music video in that way.

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