Monday, 7 October 2013

Post 5: Image Annotation

We found this image of an Indie rock band and we felt this would be a good idea for what our band would look like. Many Indie bands have this sort of look, its quite different and hipster. They look pretty casual as if they would wear that out when 'hanging out with mates.' There is a huge difference between a rock band and an indie rock band, they are more subtle and laid back. Which is what us as a group was looking for, we didn't want anything too full on. This type of clothing helps the audience to understand what type of genre we are trying to portray in our music video. In our band we have only three members: Alex Kemp - Singer  Joe Wingfield - Guitarist and Mike Perret - Drums. Although we don't have as many people in the band as there is in the picture i feel it helps to pay closer attention to the band individually. 

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