Tuesday, 17 September 2013


From looking at this graph of the gender of the audience, we can see that more females took part in the questionnaire than males. It was pretty close but we can see that there was 41 females and 39 males that took part.

We gave the questionnaire to 80 people between us and there was a higher percentage of people that preferred a narrative to the music video rather than a live performance. This helps us to understand what the audience like and gives us ideas of what sort of music video were are going to create. As well as knowing which type of video will attract more alternative/indie rock fans.
The main age group that was chosen was 16-24 this shows us that the younger generation listens to more Indie rock music than the older generation does this gives us ideas to aim our music video at the younger aged people because they listen to it more than others. 

From looking at this graph of what people expect the style of indie rock videos to be like, there was a large percentage of it being individual and it being dark and mysterious. This helps us to understand the audience and what they like to see, these results help us to ensure that we make our music video different and distinctive.

This graph shows me that many people expect to see the band and the instruments used in a indie rock music video. this allows us to grasp the concept of indie rock videos and how they are sterotypically seen. I think we should use many close ups and mid shots of the artists and the instruments as they play an important role in the music video.

A large percentage of people think a guitar is the main instrument when watching an indie rock music video. This chart shows us that we should use guitars and electric guitars to make it most appealing to the target audiences.

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