Monday, 2 September 2013

Task 2 : Pop Video Analysis

Mise en scene: This pop music video is very typical as most other music videos change the mise en scene quite a bit. The 'Icona Pop's' music video changes locations and costume several times, for example the two artists are in a street and dressed in dark clothing with brightly coloured ribbons hanging off it. Another example is when the two singers are in a club and are dressed smartly this contrasts what they were wearing in other locations.

Editing: Many pop music videos use montage editing, which i think works well because it gives the audience and insight as to what they are doing and where about they are. The montage editing cuts between performances (dancing in the street) lip syncing  (close ups on their mouths) and the area they are in.  These are randomly placed to keep to the point. 

Camerawork: The camerawork used through the music video is like most pop music videos today, which it shows various establishing shots to show the artists, the relationships, and where the scenes take place. They use a variety of mid shots and close ups, this helps to indicate where the artists are in the scene and them lip syncing to the song. Also these types of camera shot are used to give the audience a glance at what type of location the artists are in. They used fast paced editing to portray to the audience their 'crazy' life style. This also works well with the song because its a fast paced too, and it seems to run smoothly.

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