Monday, 2 September 2013

Low Budget Video: The Fix - Just Got Paid

This song is a very typical pop song and you can see that because they have used conventional ideas throughout the video. I don't feel the artists have really thought about the pop conventions thoroughly because the music video does not have a storyline to it whereas most music videos do. At the start of the video all the members of the band are introduced individually and then are all together in the last shot. Additionally in the first few shots an over the shoulder shot was used to show the singer in the mirror. 

Most of the shots were loosely framed which i felt didn't make the video as pleasing as i thought it would be. I feel that much tighter frames focus more on the artists. Also they used high key lighting which gave the music video a more efficient feel to it, additionally it showed more detail as to what was going on in the frames. For example when the band broke out into a dance routine it showed all the moves they were doing and worked well. The fact that the artists performed some choreography was typical of a boy band to do. The lip syncing performed was well done and looked very professional. There was many shots of them just having fun as a group this made the audience feel like they enjoyed it because they are. All their costumes are similar but different in their own way, they used fashionable clothing to appeal to their target audience. All of the band members are putting in a lot of effort to their performance to try and make it seem as professional as possible. The locations used in the video seem to be quite upper class and posh which proposes that they own a large amount of money which in fact they don't because they are a low budget boy band. 

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