Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2: Roles

roles 2 on Make A Gif
We assigned each one of us a certain role to help with making the process quicker and easier to get done. I have the role of making sure the scene looks good and what we planned out, including props background and the costumes the characters are wearing. I am also in charge of the sound, so that means making sure the video matches the audio. Harry has the most experience in creating media which is why he the editor of the music video, this role ensures that the video cuts to the beat of the song and works well with the lyrics. Hannah has taken the role of camera and lighting. This role ensures the scene is well lit, or in the way we want it and also make sure we have a camera to work with and in charge of all the camera shots and angles. Finally Demi has taken the role as director. We chose this because she she shows leadership skills in the group, she will make sure everything's in order and worked well within the scene.

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